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Disco Wool Blanket


Wool throw blanket organic artisanal
Ethical Home Design Wool Blanket

Disco Wool Blanket


These 100% natural wool blankets are dyed using natural plant-based dyes. The white background is the natural wool color, while other accent colors are made from elderberry fruits, tree barks, plant leaves, cochineal insects, and indigo. The wool is hand-carded, hand-spun, and then boiled in natural dyes and air-dried before being artisanally hand-woven on the foot-loom by a family workshop in Momostenango. All wool blankets are color-fast. Three sizes: Throw, Twin and Queen.


When you buy a Yabal hand-woven product, you not only contribute directly to the economic self-sufficiency of the Mayan women weavers we partner with, but your purchase also supports the workshops and social programs implemented in their rural Guatemalan communities.

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Throw (50" x 60"), Twin (66" x 90"), Queen (90" x 90")