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Luna Throw Rug, 2ft x 3ft


Ethical eco Luna throw rug
Ethical Luna throw rug

Luna Throw Rug, 2ft x 3ft


Yabal’s natural sheeps’ wool rugs are artisanally crafted by our artisan workshop in Momostenango. This wool weaving tradition goes back several generations in each family. The techniques are all artisanal beginning with carding the raw wool by hand, then spinning the wool into threads, dyeing the threads over wood fires using natural plants and minerals, drying the wool in the open air, and then finally weaving these beautiful rugs using the foot loom. The Eclipse Throw Rug measures 2ft x 3ft.

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Inspired by the evening sky and the rolling colors of a moon on the rise. The Luna collection reflects a diverse landscape of rolling hills and deep valleys. The dark shadows and soft reflections of light that only Guatemala can inspire. The Luna collection is a collaboration between Minneapolis designer Araya Jensen and Yabal, some of the most incredible artisans in Guatemala. This fair trade partnership has grown to include a full home collection including rugs, cushion covers, and wall tapestries. When you bring these pieces into your home, we hope you are reminded of this incredible countryside and those who make it beautiful.

Product design by Araya Jensen

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